Mini Spy Camera User Manual


Thank you for purchasing our Mini Spy Camera. This compact and versatile device is ideal for a variety of discreet surveillance applications. Please read this manual carefully to ensure proper and safe use of the product.

Product Description

The Mini Spy Camera is equipped with features including:

  • On/Off Button: To turn the camera on or off.
  • Reset Button: To reset the device to its original state.
  • Indicator LEDs: Two LEDs that show the charging and operating status of the device.
  • On/Off LED: Indicates whether the device is on.
  • Mode Led: Indicates whether the camera is charging.
  • Specifications: The power input of the camera is 5V and 1A.

LED Indicators

  • Both Blue LEDs: Indicates that the camera is charging.
    • One Blue LED (led mode) and one Red LED (led on/off): The camera is powered on and operating in plugged-in mode.
    • One Red LED (on/off): The camera is on in wireless mode or plugged in and fully charged.
    • Both LEDs Off: Means the camera is off and unplugged, or is fully charged if plugged in (off).

Note: The camera can be on with both LEDs off if they are turned off from the application.

Basic Operations

  1. Power On/Off

To turn on the camera: Press and hold the On/Off button for 5 seconds. The camera will start automatically.

To turn the camera off: Repeat the process by pressing and holding the On/Off button for 5 seconds. The camera will turn off.

  1. Reset the Device

In case you need to return to the factory state or if you experience problems with the camera, press and hold the Reset button for 5 seconds.

Connecting to the App:

The following are the steps to follow to make the connection of the camera with the app. To ensure a correct connection, it is recommended to perform the following steps while the camera is connected and charging.

  1. Download the application for IOS and Android: by scanning the following QR you can download the HDwificamproapplication.
  1. Once the application is available, enter the application and from the main screen select “Add device +” and select “Configure device WiFi network”.
  1. Once this is done, with our mobile phone connected to the WiFi network, we must enter its password (the name of the network will be detected automatically). Otherwise, we must manually enter the name and password of the WiFi network to which we want to connect the surveillance camera.
  1. Once connected, we must connect to the new WiFi network generated by the camera, which will have a name similar to the one shown in the image:
  1. Once this has been done, we will be able to access our already configured camera:
  • If you want to connect your camera to the mobile network of your terminal, select “Phone connect device” and follow the same steps from point

Management of the App:

The following is a description of the usefulness of each of the options available on the main page of the Wifi cameramanagement:

  1. Flip the camera video vertically.
  2. Flip camera video horizontally
  3. Activate or deactivate night vision
  4. Toggle between available resolutions: 720p and 1080p
  5. Enable or disable incoming video
  6. Capture a photo of the current display
  7. Enable two-way audio function to communicate through the camera (this function is not available on this model).
  8. Enable or disable incoming audio
  9. Enable or disable the camera’s on/off led.

Charging the camera

For optimum performance of the camera it is recommended to charge the camera when it is switched off (red LED off) until both blue lights go out. To do this, connect the camera to the mains using a standard USB 5V/1A mobile phone charger or by connecting the camera to the USB output of a standard PC.

The camera is fully charged when it is plugged into the mains and both LEDs are off.

Usage Modes

  • Wireless Mode

Make sure the camera is fully charged before using it wirelessly. This will happen when the camera is plugged into the mains and both LEDs are off.

With the camera previously connected to the mobile application, use the mobile application to view the image in real time.

If prolonged wireless use is required, the use of a portable battery with an output connected to the camera is recommended.

  • Plugged-in mode

Connect the camera to a power source using the supplied cable and a standard USB 5V/1A mobile phone charger or by connecting the camera to the USB output of a PC.

With the camera pre-connected to the mobile application, use the mobile application to view the image in real time or insert an SD card to store the videos directly in the camera.

In both modes of use, once you want to stop using the camera, you must turn it off to avoid draining the battery.

Recording Video to SD Card

  • Step 1: Cleaning SD Card Data

Start the process by connecting the SD card to your computer using a card reader. Remember to save all data on the card before emptying it.

Proceed to empty all data present on the SD card. This can be done by selecting the existing files and folders on the card and deleting them or by formatting the card using your operating system’s disk management tools.

  • Step 2: Inserting the SD card

Make sure the SD card is completely empty before proceeding.

Insert the empty SD card into the SD card slot of your device. Orient the card so that the metal contacts are facing upwards, parallel to the direction in which the camera lens is pointing, as shown in the image:

  • Step 3: Configuration via the Application

Open the application and select the camera containing the SD card.

Access the configuration options by selecting the gear icon located in the top right corner of the interface.

  • Step 4: Access Card Settings

Within the settings menu, find and select the “Card Settings” option.

  • Step 5: Formatting the SD Card

Select “SD Format”. This step will delete all data on the SD card and prepare it properly for use with the camera.

Additional Note

In case you wish to use the SD card for other purposes in the future, or if you experience problems with the proper operation of the card, it is strongly recommended to repeat this preparation process from Step 1 before using the card in the camera again.

Managing Recordings

  • Viewing Recordings:

The camera will continuously store videos on the SD card as long as it is powered on and the card is properly prepared.

To access the recordings, insert the SD card into your PC via a card reader. Locate the folder named “record”.

  • File structure in ‘record’:

You will find a file called “temp”, which is crucial for the operation of the camera and should not be deleted, as it contains settings necessary for storing data on the card.

Recordings are organised in folders named according to the date of recording in the format YYYYYMMDD (e.g. 20240102 for 2 January 2024). Note that the folder names may not exactly match the recording dates.

Within these folders, you will find numbered sub-folders containing one-minute recording fragments.

Care and Maintenance

Do not expose the camera to extreme temperatures, dust or moisture.

Charge the device using only the charger cable provided.

Avoid shocks or drops that may damage the device.

Technical Support

For any technical questions or problems, please contact our technical support at and we will respond as soon as possible in the language of your choice.

This manual is designed to provide you with all the necessary instructions for the efficient and safe use of your Mini Spy Camera. Enjoy the peace of mind and security that this advanced device can offer.